Band Bios!

For a really complete bio on the band and everyone in it, the best thing to do is to download the Band Bio. It's a fabulously detailed and thoughtfully laid out chronicle of Little Queen and the members therein. Here's a quick overview, though:
The Band
Formed in November 2009, Little Queen was a labor of love from the beginning. Composed of Nashville veteran rockers with a shared vision of reproducing the great Heart concerts of years gone by, Little Queen's first headlining performance was at the world famous Exit/In in July of 2010. Exactly one year later, Little Queen headlined the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida - not bad for an act less than two years old!
Shonna Harrison ('Ann') Classically trained, raised on country, with a rock and roll heart, Shonna hails from central Ohio. She's been singing all her life, and has performed everywhere from backwoods honky-tonks singing Marty Robbins tunes with her father to the Mozarteum School of Music in Salzburg, Austria. In addition to her duties as 'Ann' in Little Queen, you can usually see her performing every year with the Nashville Opera Company, where she's been since 2001.
Alysha Nyx is a fiery red-headed songstress/musician who soulfully belts out wonderful tones while performing high energy shows. This “Texessean” singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist, taught herself guitar at an early age. After studying Music Business and receiving her Bachelors in Business Administration from Belmont University, this Beaumont, TX native decided to reside and continue her music career in Nashville, TN. While pursuing her dream, she also completed her Master’s in Business from Middle Tennessee State University. With musical influences ranging from classical musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven, she also credits her style and spunk to such inspiring women as Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks and Heart. With over 20 years of industry experience, Alysha continues to rock the stage as “Nancy Wilson” in the Heart tribute band Little Queen – The Music of Heart.
Jeff Gibson Realizing a love for music that was a part of him as far back as he can remember, Jeff started delving into music in 1977, at the age of nine, when he started playing in symphonic band while in elementary school. As he continued in symphonic band through his jr. high years, while living in Indiana during the early 80's, Jeff started realizing that he was feeling a deep desire to take his musical endeavors down the road of playing keyboards. After cutting his teeth on acts like REO Speedwagon, Toto, Foreigner, and Journey, Jeff's wanderings brought him to Nashville, TN, and Little Queen.
Phil Wilson With nearly 30 years of experience in percussion and drumming, Phil has played it all. He's a sought-after session player as well as one of the most respected drum teachers in Nashville, and he also performs with numerous acts, from swing bands to jazz acts to rock and roll and contemporary Christian acts. He's performed throughout the United States and central America. In addition to his duties in Little Queen, Phil also performs with national contemporary country artist Paul Scott.
Sean Harrison For more than thirty years, Sean has been singing and playing bass guitar up and down and back and forth across the United States, with acts ranging from country artists to hair bands to Elvis impersonators. Initially cutting his teeth on bands like Rush, Yes, Kansas, ELP, and the Beatles, Sean joined a road band in his early twenties and never looked back. Since that time, Sean has played in numerous acts (Including the Pink Floyd tribute Eclipse), landed a record deal in the early nineties as part of Blind Gypsy, toured relentlessly (50 weeks a year some years) and performed on numerous studio projects in Nashville, TN. He continues to perform in and around Nashville, both as a studio musician and with various live acts.